Client Centered
  • Many people may feel as though they will never be able to get ahead financially. Whether it is credit card debt, student loan debt, lousy job prospects, wage stagnation, high costs of living, or creating an emergency fund, adding investing for the future to that list can seem insurmountable. 

  • Embarrassment about your current situation or a lack of basic investing knowledge can also cause potential investors to even avoid speaking with a financial advisor. Additionally, many people may wonder how they can afford financial advice if they are struggling to meet existing obligations.  

  • Our services are for those who have debt but are able to make payments.  We do not handle bankruptcies.  We offer a complimentary initial consultation to provide clarity about our services and how they can help you confidently prioritize these financial needs and goals. 
  • We will help to design a plan that allows you to strategically pay off debt while investing for your future self. How to address each financial goal and obstacle can be critical to the budgeting process. Our services go beyond helping you design a budget customized to your unique situation.  We also provide you with the tools, support, and resources to help adapt your budget to your evolving needs. 

  • Debt is not necessarily a bad thing. Many businesses and some individuals utilize debt as a form of leverage. This means that they incur debt at lower interest rates so that they can deploy those resources into opportunities where they expect a higher chance of return. Additionally, many things can be paid with debt/loans, but retirement cannot, which is why we feel retirement saving must be a priority.

  • However, financial advice that only considers investing for retirement can lead to negative consequences.  Retirement accounts can contain penalties for early withdrawals if you contribute too much towards the future and are unable to meet your other obligations.  Instead of only focusing on future growth, we combine your past obligations, present needs, and future goals into one cohesive plan to help you optimally use your resources. 
Client Centered
  • People may often think they must be debt free before they can invest for the future, but we believe this is false. We often find that someone with debt can still contribute to their other financial goals. We believe debt should not be ignored, but a plan should be in place to pay off debt while simultaneously addressing other financials needs. 

  • We create a plan to help you determine which debts should be paid off in advance as quickly as possible, and when you should start investing for other goals and not directing the extra money to get rid of other obligations. The plan we develop analyzes your income and expenditures to help identify how you can potentially pay your expenses each month and attain your financial goals.  We then provide you with regular meetings to track your progress toward your goals and to help ensure your plan continues to meet your evolving needs.

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