Client Centered
  • In developing our investment planning strategies, we take a holistic look at your financial situation to truly ensure that the investments we recommend fit each of your goals. While advising on investment management is at the core of financial services, our goal is to provide you with financial peace of mind knowing that every decision in our systemic, transparent approach is backed by empirical research. Our investment process begins with understanding your current financial situation, investment goals, overall risk profile, and time-horizon.

  • We take the time to develop a customized investment solution not only for each client but also for each goal that client may have. Rather than simply put all your assets into a cookie-cutter model portfolio based upon your risk tolerance, we take the time to ensure that the funding for each separate goal is not only invested into appropriate products, but also in the optimal type of investment account.  Many other advisors simply advise you on what you are investing at that moment, with little to no regard for the allocation of past/future investments or investments they do not manage, but we continually monitor your progress and adapt to your evolving needs. 
Client Centered
  • We take a systematic approach to investing so that we can consistently implement through even the most challenging market conditions. Markets fluctuate, moving up and down on a daily basis. Our investment strategy is to develop risk appropriate portfolios so that you are prepared for these changes and can stick with your plan through these short-term market fluctuations. If your advisor has to make drastic changes to your plan in anticipation of market behavior, then either your plan was deficient or your advisor is trying to time the market.

  • We derive insight from financial science and academia, but we differentiate ourselves in how we interpret that research and how we implement it into practical investment solutions for our clients. When selecting investments, we account for numerous traditional outside factors (inflation, taxes, Insurance, legislative/regulatory changes, etc.) and regularly review liquid investment products (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, money market funds, CDs, etc.) available in the market. We often structure our portfolios to be broadly diversified* across both domestic and international markets.  We go beyond just considering investment returns and evaluate investment products net of fees, taxes, and risk.
Client Centered
  • While we believe in markets, we do not believe that market timing is a successful long-term strategic approach to investing.

  • Instead, our systematic approach is driven by our proprietary, dynamic asset allocation program that helps us gradually minimize risk and maximize return based upon the movements of the market itself.

  • Our asset allocation program is grounded in economic theory that is backed by academic and empirical research. While theory and research provide useful insight, they are imperfect, so we use our professional judgment and experience to fill the gaps left by academia. 

Client Centered
  • Our asset allocation program is designed to simplify the complexities of the investment management process, enabling us to monitor the fluctuations in your accounts daily. While we monitor your accounts for daily activity, we are not looking to incur significant trading costs by constantly adjusting your positions. 

  • Instead, our technology-based system evaluates your entire portfolio daily and once sufficient movement occurs, we are alerted to this rebalancing opportunity. We will then analyze this opportunity, balancing any costs and taxes against the expected returns and resulting changes in diversification to determine the appropriate course of action.  This blend of technology and human experience allows us to capture the slightest expected gain, as each of these incremental improvements to your portfolio adds up over the long run. 
Client Centered
  • Our system, therefore, relies on the movement of the markets and not on an advisor outsmarting the market to determine when to rebalance your portfolio. This allows the collective knowledge and information driven by the millions of buyers and sellers to drive information into prices. This system naturally allows us to sell appreciated assets to replenish assets classes with decreased prices. This allows us to spend our time doing what we do best; interpreting research, designing custom portfolios, and servicing our clients.

  • We keep an open mind to nontraditional opportunities since our clients may want nontraditional lifestyles. We actively engage with those seeking to invest “outside of the box,” and we are not afraid to utilize unique investment strategies and products in our approach to meeting your personal goals. We dedicate our energy, commitment, and efforts to focusing on how you define your satisfaction with your investments. 

* Diversification does not guarantee better performance and does not protect against investment loss.

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