As you get older, you may be required to take on more responsibilities. We can help you prepare for these responsibilities so that you can focus on what's important.  We help you prioritize your goals with customized investment solutions for each goal.  Our solutions go beyond recommending investments and instead include analysis of funding options and  the selection of the appropriate type of account to ensure potential advantages are fully addressed. 

Other financial advisors may be overly-reliant on the stock market for investments. Not every goal has a long enough time-horizon to warrant exposure to short term fluctuations in the stock market. We consider different investment options to appropriately position your savings for your shorter-term goals. 

These goals and major life events can include:



  • People may want to attain financial independence and to have enough to never have to work again. People may also choose to pursue a different lifestyle once they are retired.

  • Many people think they can save for retirement on their own. However, retirement is a process covering many important decisions. A mistake on any of crucial questions about your retirement can have negative repercussions. 

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Home/Vehicle Purchases

Home/Vehicle Purchases

  • The largest purchases people often make are homes and vehicles. We help you budget and decide everything from how much to put as a down-payment to how much you can afford to pay each month.

  • Our experience allows us to make sure you consider all tangential costs associated with these purchases so no surprises prevent you from enjoying your new acquisition. 
Education Funding

Education Funding

Private School of Higher Education

  • Providing yourself or your children with the best educational opportunities may be a desired financial goal. If you feel private school or higher education is the optimal place for them to receive that chance, we can help you devise a strategy to make that potentially attainable.  Tuition even at lower grades and even pre-school has experienced rapid growth.   
  • We can help you fund or save for college, grad school, or other educational goals. We can help you manage your student loan debt including repayment and consolidation options.
  • Whether you are considering going back to school to finish a degree or to complete a new degree, we not only provide you with the insight of how that decision can affect you currently, but also with how your future career prospects may affect you future finances.
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  • Large families, destination weddings, or a honeymoon can dramatically increase the cost of getting married. Whether for yourself or a family member such as your child, we can help you assess the impact of incurring these costs. 

  • We can also discuss the potential  financial benefits of a Pre- or Post-Nuptial Agreement.

Note: Foundational Financial Advisors, LLC does not provide legal services. All legal documents will need to be prepared by an attorney.

Career Changes/Challenges

Career Changes/Challenges

  • Your career is often the driver of your financial life. Major career changes can involve substantial uncertainty.  Our analysis can provide you the confidence to pursue the career of your dreams. 

  • We can help you analyze the impact of:

    • Relocating or taking a new job

    • Starting a business

    • Buying an ownership interest of an existing business

    • Selling your business

    • Keeping or cashing in stock options
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Legacy Planning

  • You cannot make further changes to your estate plan once you pass away, so having everything in order in advance is vital.
  • We work with you to ensure you are able to leave behind the legacy you want when you pass away.
  • We strive to ensure your financial assets are correctly titled and your beneficiaries remain current so your heirs inherit in a cost- and tax-efficient manner.

Business Succession

  • Whether transferring ownership to family members, giving employees the options to purchase the business, or selling it to outside investors, there can be numerous ways to structure the transfer or sale of a business. We can help you formulate a strategy that does not leave the business in distress upon your passing, which could dramatically reduce its value. 
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<strong>Charitable Gift Planning</strong>

Charitable Gift Planning

  • Charities often have different investment goals and tax needs than other beneficiaries.

  • Whether you want to endow a scholarship, leave a conservation easement, or bestow some other charitable bequest, how you invest for charity can vary substantially from what you retain for your own personal needs.

  • Gifting strategies can also be started during your lifetime to achieve the maximum affect.
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<strong>Health or Long-term Care Challenges</strong>

Health or Long-term Care Challenges

  • A major health event can affect your financial opportunities and obligations for the rest of your life. Whether for yourself or a family member, health issues can require unique investment approaches. 

  • Many people may struggle with how to best pay for the long-term care for themselves and for elderly family members. We can help you evaluate how to provide for these potentially increasing healthcare needs such as home health care, assisted living, and nursing home care.
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