Client Centered
  • We work with institutional clients (businesses, non-profits, corporate asset pools, and other entities/organization) to develop and maintain compliant retirement plans.

  • Whether you are seeking to retain your current employees in a competitive marketplace or to attract better candidates, a retirement plan can provide the additional employee benefit to give you an edge on your competitors.

  • In addition to helping your employees in securing a better financial future, retirement plans can also be a valuable tool for business owners to provide for retirement. Not only are there tax credits or deductions that may be available to the institution and/or the owner(s) for providing a retirement plan, but also a retirement plan can help these owners diversify their assets beyond the value of their ownership interest in their business.   
Client Centered
  • For existing plans, we provide you with guidance in discharging your fiduciary responsibilities. Many plan sponsors do not fully understand their obligations and personal liability that can arise from acting in that role. We strive to help you ensure plan compliance and minimize the possibility of litigation.

  • We can also provide assistance with the preparation of application for IRS and DOL correction programs, plan termination, and cost projections of various design and service alternatives. In these cost projections, we scrutinize each plan cost or fee to ensure the plan is receiving cost-effective service.

  • For new plans, our holistic approach to institutional retirement planning ensures that we evaluate your unique situation and opportunities when assessing if a retirement plan meets your needs. Our specialized knowledge can help you evaluate the numerous options and help you choose the appropriate plan for your situation.
  • After analyzing your situation, we then determine which of our levels of service is the best fit for your needs. We offer consulting services, financial planning services, and we are available to serve as a fiduciary to your plan under Section 3(21) or Section 3(38) of ERISA as well. 

  • We assist you in selecting the appropriate plan accountants, attorneys, administrators, and other services providers to maximize benefits and minimize costs. Once the plan is up and running, we proactively work to ensure it meets its stated goals.

  • For all plans, we encourage plan participant success with an emphasis on education about and communication of plan requirements and opportunities. We provide plan participants with the tools and resources they need to achieve a secure retirement. 

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