Client Centered
  • Taxes affect every aspect of your financial plan. Consideration of the taxable impact of your financial decisions should not be left to only your accountant. Instead, we proactively collaborate with your accountant on these decisions to achieve the optimal results on your tax returns.

  • Your income, savings rate, and investment growth are only part of your financial plan. Our plans also factor in how this money will be taxed now and in the future. This allows us to maximize results and minimize what you pay to the government.

  • There are numerous tax qualified retirement accounts and investment vehicles that are treated differently under the internal revenue code. Our plans incorporate the advantages of these options to help you find the optimal strategy as well as to potentially diversify across the different tax strategies.
Client Centered
  • Our technology systems can help allow us to directly integrate information with your accountant. This helps us to efficiently review your recent tax returns, identify potential savings, perform tax-loss harvesting, or restructuring opportunities. We can also help in keeping your accountant informed and your tax estimates current with cash flow and taxable income forecasts.

  • The taxable impact of certain investments can potentially be offset against each other. Our comprehensive plans include the ability to potentially use these situations to your advantage as we consider the impact of both investments and withdrawals. 

  • If you are over age seventy and a half (70 ½), our analysis helps you plan your required minimum distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts to optimize their value based upon your current tax situation.

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