• We have a simple, transparent fee structure that is based solely on the assets we manage for you.  We eliminate any confusing, inconsistent, or surprise fees. Charging this one simple fee also eliminates many conflicts of interest that undermine the foundation of the relationship between a client and an advisor. We view trust as the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients, and if you cannot trust your advisor about what you are being charged, then there are likely other things you may not want to trust them on.

  • We have chosen this fee structure so that clients are fully informed of the cost of our services.  We do not earn commissions, so our fee does not vary based upon the type of investment used. Since we do not receive compensation for recommending any type or quantity of investment, we are able to provide objective insight and guidance.
  • You should reexamine the fees you pay your advisor at least every few years.  We actually examine the fees you pay annually to ensure that there is not a more cost-effective manner in which we can serve you. We also ensure that our clients know that they will receive equal treatment. Our fee does not vary for clients receiving similar services. We do not play favorites and prioritize any clients at the expense of others. We accomplish this by transparently posting our fee schedule online.   

  • We are a fee-based and not a fee-only firm. As a fee-based firm, we have access to the full range of tools that we could not otherwise use if we were truly fee-only. By using all the tools available to construct your financial plan, we are able to offer first-hand knowledge in handling the tangential costs related to implementing your plan. We only charge for our services and we do not use any products or share classes that provide us with commissions or kick-backs; however an individual at our firm has an ownership interest in a separate insurance agency. Certain insurance products are only offered on a commission basis and thus in certain circumstances, such as term-life insurance, commissions need to be involved. These commissions will always be disclosed and explained in advance and you will never be required to incur these commissions through our advisors if you so choose.

  • Investors have become very conscious of fees that they are charged on their investments. However, they often neglect to examine the fees they are charged by their advisor. Many advisors offer lower annual fees the more you accumulate, but this means the fee you are being charged can differ substantially from when you originally started with an advisor. For example, many advisors stop offering breakpoints or discounts once you exceed $1 million. As you continue to invest more with this advisor you may just be paying more for the exact same service you received for a fraction of the amount you now have invested.

  • Other advisors may charge based upon your net worth, which means they charge you for assets they do not manage. While we incorporate these outside assets into your financial plan, we do not charge for something we do not manage. Your net worth can include your home, your business, retirement plan, insurance/annuities, etc. Often times other advisors provide no advice on these items or the advice adds no value such as recommending target date retirement funds.

  • If you are not looking for a long-term relationship with your advisor, we offer additional pricing models and structures that may fit your needs.  We offer our services that can be charged on an hourly basis.  We also can create a financial plan for you without the ongoing service and monitoring.  The prices for these services vary based on the specific services requested.  

  • Every client is unique, and so our fees are negotiable based upon the level and complexity of the services desired.  

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