Impact Investment Planning



  • Many investors are increasingly seeking to align their environmental, social, and corporate responsibility goals with their investment decisions. We help you pursue impact investment goals without compromising our investment philosophy. No matter your particular preferences, we provide you with tailored investment solutions where your investment in companies can be emphasized, reduced, or even excluded based on sustainability metrics and social responsibility concerns.  

  • We are not limited to designing investment philosophies that avoid investing your money into companies whose values are divergent from your values.  We also design strategies that invest your money into companies that promote the values that matter most to you, such as affordable housing, job creation, renewable energy, etc.  
  • Impact investing strategies can focus on what matters most to you including social issues (firearms, tobacco, liquor, animal testing, fair employment practices, etc.), religious concerns (abortion, pornography, birth control, pork, gambling, etc.), and environmental concerns (coal, toxic waste, air pollution, etc.).

  • Our impact investment approach mirrors our Investment Planning approach, under which we believe in liquid capital markets where prices reflect all publicly available information. As such, we expect the long-term value attributable to a company’s current sustainability and social responsibility practices to be reflected in that company’s current price.
You Can Exert More Than Just Monetary Influence

You Can Exert More Than Just Monetary Influence

  • We couple this investment approach with helping you understand the complexities of the voting and proxy voting process to influence a company’s sustainability practices. Companies operate to fulfill the goals of their shareholders. Shareholders have a right to be heard by the company’s management. While we do not vote proxies on your behalf, we do guide you through the process and answer your questions to help make sure you are able to influence the corporate direction. 

  • We help you influence this decision making process by demanding investments that align with your views on corporate responsibility, social policy, and the environment. We evaluate investment options on sustainability issues including land use, biodiversity, involvement in toxic spills or releases, operational waste, water management, factory farming, production of munitions, tobacco, child labor, and emissions from fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas.
  • As your advisor, we answer your questions about proxy voting so that you may exercise your voting rights in an informed manner, taking into account both the costs and potential benefits. As you accumulate a larger position in each company, you are increasingly well positioned to influence a company’s governance practices. This allows you to more directly be involved in the improvement of a company’s governance practices, which also includes executive compensation, anti-takeover provisions, shareholder proposals, material sustainability factors, and board composition, diversity, and effectiveness.

  • Whether you want to outright exclude entire industries or want to focus on promoting companies taking action to behave in a more responsible manner, our approach to sustainability investing accounts for your preferences while still providing a highly diversified and efficient investment strategy.

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