Estate Planning

Client Centered
  • Whether your goal is to leave an estate to heirs (including charity) or to spend your resources enjoying your final days to the fullest, our goal is to help you craft a customized estate plan so that your wealth is utilized as you intend. Our plans can also help you protect your assets from potential creditors. 

  • An effective estate plan often begins before death, so we assist you to implement it with support for things such as annual gifting limits and other tax efficient gifts.

  • Many people feel they are not ready to complete an estate plan because they are not sure who they would designate for positions of responsibility under that plan, including your personal representative(s), power of attorney, or trustee.  We help you select the appropriate person for each role.   
  • Many people procrastinate or even avoid creating an estate plan. Considering the affects of one’s own death is rarely an enjoyable activity, but a comprehensive estate plan can increase lifetime charitable giving, reduce legal expenses, prevent family conflict, and minimize taxes both while living and after your death. 
Client Centered
  • We monitor your estate plan so that as your financial situation and the important people in your life may change, your estate plan is up to date and your assets continue to be appropriately titled with the proper beneficiary designations. Tax law changes also create an opportunity to ensure your estate plan is still appropriate under the new regulations.

  • We guide you through the estate planning process to ensure your plan not only provides for having your final wishes honored upon death, but also covers other end-of-life issues, such as incapacity. 

  • Our estate planning process covers more than just the numerical aspects of planning and instead also accounts for the human side of estate planning. Whether you have a family member who is spendthrift, is in an unstable marriage, or has a disability, we establish a relationship with you to proactively address issues before they become problems. 
  • We will advise you and work with all involved parties, such as your family members, your estate planning attorney, and your accountant to ensure your estate plan is easy to administer. We will advise you on who you may want to include in the estate planning discussions and when to include them. 

  • Many advisers and attorneys never look at the estate plan they create for you again after the documents are signed. We perform regular reviews of your estate plan to avoid common pitfalls, such as not updating your documents after the death of a beneficiary or person in a position of responsibility. 

  • The primary concern of other financial advisors may be to ensure whoever inherits your wealth keeps investing through them. We do not approach your heirs with a sales pitch; instead, we respect the grieving process since the death of a loved one is difficult enough without being rushed into major financial decisions. In most cases, our estate planning techniques allow for easy administration of the decedent’s estate so that we do not even need to contact your heirs at all. However, should they need any assistance, we can aid them in the transfer of assets for no additional cost. 

Note: Foundational Financial Advisors, LLC does not offer legal services. All legal documents will need to be drafted by an estate planning attorney. 

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