Client Centered
  • Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships. Our primary responsibility is to help our clients meet their financial goals, so our process begins with aiding our clients in identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing these goals.  To begin this process, we perform a comprehensive review of your current financial situation.   

  • To formulate such a detailed plan, we need to know our clients well enough to understand your personal situation, dreams, goals, time horizon, and your tolerance for risk. The cornerstone of our long-term relationships with our clients is open and honest communication.

  • We provide you with regular, individualized recommendations to your financial planning needs. In other words, this is not a one-time purchase, but the beginning of an ongoing relationship where we continue to monitor your plan and adapt it to your evolving needs. 

How We Work

  • Our process relies upon taking a holistic approach to investment planning where we continuously monitor your plan at all times, rather than just providing advice or planning from time to time.

  • This holistic approach involves factoring in all your assets, even the assets that we do not directly manage. We do not charge fees based upon these outside assets, but feel it is essential to account for them in our plans. We cannot contruct a plan unless we factor in all the pieces.  

  • Through this process, we strive to provide clients with the confidence to make major financial decisions. An educated client is a better client, so we educate our clients until they are comfortable with each aspect of their financial plan.
Continuous Oversight and Monitoring

Continuous Oversight and Monitoring

  • We conduct an annual meeting to account for changes and updates to your goals and circumstances. In advance of the meeting, we will gather any relevant information from you so that we are discussing the most current information.  This meeting can be done face-to-face, over the web, or by phone.

  • We provide clients with numerous tools to simplify their financial obligations and to monitor your financial well-being. 

  • We utilize a Dynamic Asset Allocation system to monitor your portfolio and help ensure that it remains on target. 
Annual Comprehensive Financial Plan

Annual Comprehensive Financial Plan

Each year we provide you with the following documentation and analysis:

  • A Net Worth Statement showing how your financial position has changed or improved each year.
  • A Cash Flow Statement incorporating your income and spending habits.
  • Retirement Projection including employee benefit plan analysis, education on retirement plan contributions and asset allocation, and withdrawal strategies.
  • An Education Planning Analysis demonstrating projected funding, expenses, and options for improvement.
  • Risk Management Analysis to ensure that you are appropriately insured and equipped to address new risks or security threats.
  • Recommendations on annual suggested tax strategies, estate planning, and charitable gifting.* 
  • Upon request, we can prepare any specific goal-based or “What if” analysis such as “What if I retire at 62?” or “What if I spend $30,000 as a down-payment on a house next year?”

* Disclosure: Foundational  Financial Advisors does not provide tax preparation services or tax advice and also does not prepare legal documents or provide legal advice. Foundational Financial Advisors will work with your tax and legal advisors to implement any recommend strategies. 

Personalized Website 

Personalized Website 

  • Non-transactional asset aggregation abilities that allow you to view all of your financial assets and liabilities in one convenient location
  • The Vault or secure online document storage and transfer tool
  • Daily performance reporting and monitoring
  • A Budgeting Tool that uses technology to minimize the amount of data entry needed
  • Additional educational materials
  • Alerts and notifications for a number of issues such as if you go over budget or to remind you of important dates
  • This website allows us to monitor your progress and provides us valuable updates to your information so that we can provide the best recommendations without needing to bother you for information
  • We use this website and our other technology to facilitate communication and minimize repetitive paperwork.
  • One critical aspect of engaging our services is to alleviate the burden and responsibility of handling every financial issue on your own. Our advice and guidance allows you to automate your finances with this technology. 

  • In addition to an annual review meeting, we educate our clients regularly with updates on general issues.  

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