When most people think of financial advice they only consider investment management or what individual stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and mutual funds that they should be investing their money into at that time. To us, successful financial planning is a long-term relationship that goes beyond just performing investment management to provide comprehensive service.

We Are Here To Navigate Your Financial Journey

We Are Here To Navigate Your Financial Journey

  • It is our goal to create a successful financial planning experience by helping to enable our clients to reach their goals. No matter what path you have gone down or which ones you still want to explore, we provide you the guidance to get you to your desired outcome. 

  • To accomplish this outcome-based approach, we develop a comprehensive, individualized financial plan for each of our clients. A client’s financial goals (i.e. retirement, education funding, financing major purchases, and leaving a legacy or charitable estate) are all interrelated. Therefore, we believe the optimal results are obtained when these interrelated goals are addressed in the context of a comprehensive financial and estate plan. 
Making Sure All The Pieces Fit

Making Sure All The Pieces Fit

  • To accomplish this multi-faceted approach, each plan is developed in coordination with our licensed professionals from multiple disciplines, including a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner, a Professional Plan Consultant, a Chartered Benefits Consultant, an insurance agent, and an attorney.

  • With experience in all these fields in-house, we are capable providing cost-effective solutions to the most complicated issues.  Additionally, these specialties allow us to ensure all the pieces of your financial puzzle come together into a cohesive plan.  

  • We invite you to discover and experience the power of our services. We believe it has far-reaching benefits for our clients to get opinions from several sources with diverse backgrounds, education, and experience.
Transparency You Can Trust

Transparency You Can Trust

  • We deliver comprehensive advice with one low fee covering all the services that we provide for you. We focus on ensuring that both the fee for our services and the results we obtain for you are transparent.  While we do offer enhanced services for high net worth individuals and complex situations; we are committed to working with anyone who is striving to achieve financial success. For this reason, we do not require you to have a minimum amount of assets under our management to utilize our services. 

  • We can offer our financial planning services to all clients without requiring a minimum amount of assets under our management due to our simple, transparent fee structure and our use of technology. As seen by the growth of robo-advisors, many tasks associated with investing can be automated thanks to technological advancements.  Blending experience and technology provides the best aspects of both a financial planner with the low cost efficiency of a robo-advisor.
Client Centered
  • Rather than use a fully automated system where you are treated the same as everyone else by a computer system, you will have a financial planner dedicated to your account(s) to develop and monitor your customized plan. We call this blend of technology and financial planning a “robo-planner” or “robo-financialplanning” system.

  • This system can be described as being similar to autopilot on an airplane.  Sure the computer can do most of the work to fly the plane, but for complicated issues like take-off, landing, and in case of emergency, your life can depend on having an experienced pilot in control. 

  • Our approach ensures there is an experienced professional there to guide your financial plan through the turbulent times in your life. 

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