Patrick Sullivan, CBC, CfP® , JD, PPC

Patrick Sullivan, CBC, CfP® , JD, PPC


Patrick M. Sullivan, President of Foundational Financial Advisors, LLC, graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and International Business. He then graduated from from Indiana University's Robert H McKinney School of Law.

Patrick began his career as an attorney representing clients in both trial and appellate practice. His experience included litigating cases from both plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspectives. However, he was not satisfied with his role pursuing his client’s interests after problems had arisen and instead wanted to help people avoid litigation and problems before they arose. 

In pursuit of this goal, Patrick obtained designations as a Certified Financial Planning PractitionerTM, a Professional Plan ConsultantTM, a Chartered Benefits Consultant, and is a licensed agent for life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance.

With these certifications and specializations, Patrick expanded his practice beyond law to provide more comprehensive advice to his clients. While serving as a financial planner, Patrick realized that most financial professionals either did not offer full service planning or made it price prohibitive.

Patrick created Foundational Financial Advisors, LLC to address the need for full-service financial planning in the modern technological age. Too often financial firms are either too tech focused that they lose the ability to treat their clients as individuals or are managed by advisors who cannot perform the simplest technological tasks on their own. Many tech companies do not provide full-service, and many full-service companies cannot leverage technology to be cost efficient.  Drawing upon the best of both worlds, Patrick created a firm that blends the efficiencies of technology into the comprehensive, customized world of full-service advice. 

In addition to managing Foundational Financial Advisors, LLC, Patrick has served in various leadership capacities, including serving on the Echelon Board of the Salvation Army. Patrick writes on financial and legal matters; he has been featured and quoted in the Indiana Lawyer. Patrick also loves speaking to adults and youth on the subject of financial planning and financial literacy.